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Join the Overlords of Canedoom!

Running on the XAYA blockchain, Treat Fighter is a collectible game where you as Overlord cook Treats, gather candies and recipes on expeditions, and fight PvP battles against your fellow Overlords. Will you take up the challenge to dominate in the land of Canedoom?

What is Treat Fighter?

Treat Fighter is a blockchain game where ownership is absolute and guaranteed by strong cryptography. You cook up Treats to do your bidding. They collect precious candies and fight for your amusement in the Coliseum. Trade Treats with other players, or deconstruct underperforming Treats to extract candy from them. Domination is the name of the game in the land of Canedoom.

Cook Treats

Use the ancient art of cooking to breathe life into candies and boost their power with sweeteners!

Plunder Canedoom

Send your Treat Fighters on expeditions to plunder the vast riches of the land and expand your army!

Fight in the Coliseum

Battle against other Overlords in the Coliseum with Treat squads. Gain power and prestige for yourself as a true, dominating Overlord.

The Chronicles of Canedoom

Once upon a time, there was a magical Kingdom made almost entirely out of Candy. This was so long ago that no one really remembers its original name, but it was surely a land of candy. The citizens of the kingdom enjoyed ages of sugar soaked bliss and all the benefits of being a serious vacation destination spot!

As we all know, fame has its privileges, but it also exacts its price. And you can’t live high on the sugar hog for very long, without making some very jealous neighbors. One day, shortly after the yearly Festival of Gummi, the first of the hulking, ravenous, slobbering Giants of Glut appeared. experienced in it’s eons long existence. He even bit a chunk right out of the great Colosseum in the center of the Capitol.

The homeland of the Gluts had long been depleted of all but the most meager of nourishments. But this land of confectionary delight In one afternoon, that giant caused more destruction and turmoil than the kingdom had ever was a bottomless pit of delicious sustenance and flavor. It wasn’t long before the kingdom was almost completely overrun by more and more Gluts. The King desperately pleaded with the rulers of the other known kingdoms, nations and tribes. Surely, someone could lend a hand?

Their prayers were answered by the Overlords, mighty wizards who feared no beast and whose wisdom was beyond compare. The Overlords agreed to rid the land of the Giants, but at a cost. The Overlords wanted the secret of Cooking. A very special magic of the candy kingdom, which allowed one to create new life from the very elements of the land. The King agreed and quickly the Giants were driven from the land. But the Overlords never were all that nice and it turned out the Giants were planted by those backstabbing wizards. They wanted the spoils of the land and the magic it possesses for themselves. Nothing was more important.

Now that they had the secret of Cooking, not to mention a race of hungry Giants at their beck and call, it wasn’t long before the Overlords took over the entire land. They Baked giant armies of soldiers, known as Treat Fighters, to help them subjugate the land and its people. They let their Giant friends roam wild and decimate entire swaths of candy cane wilderness. They built great big apothecaries in all the town centers, to facilitate the magic they had stolen. They kept building their armies and having run out of real enemies, pitted the Treat Fighters against each other for their own amusement. And they renamed themselves and the land, the Overlords of Canedoom.

And that is the history of your people. Welcome to Canedoom, Overlord. Time to build your army!

Get Started!

You’ll need 3 things you need to get started

as an Overlord in Canedoom:

  1. XAYA Electron Wallet

    Download Here

  2. CHI Coins (buy or ask in XAYA’s telegram)

    Purchase Here

  3. Treat Fighter



Where can i get CHI coins?

You can buy CHI at

Do I have to pay to play?

In a word, yes. You need CHI in order to play Treat Fighter. And CHI costs money. Performing most actions in game incurs a small fee in CHI (similar to Gas in Ethereum games). Additionally, creating a Treat Fighter or selling Treat Fighter incurs larger fees.

Is Treatfighter a pay to win game?

In a word, no. Success in Treat Fighter comes from an investment of time. The more you play, the better you will do. That being said you can get a leg up by making purchases off the Exchange and save a little time.

How do I level up my Treats?

Treats level up via fighting. If you want to level up your Treats (and you do!) you will need to send them to Tournaments at the Coliseum.

I have other questions about the game...

Did you know there is Quick Guide right in the game? Head to the Main Menu to find it. You can also ask your fellow Overlords over at the Treat Fighter Forum[link], or if it is a more technical question, please contact our customer support via the Help [?] button in game.

Let’s Be Friends!